Sunday, June 8, 2014

#LifeHack: How To Get Paid Apps For Free

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As you may or may not know (depends if you follow my daily nobody-really-gives-a-bleep tweets on Twitter, I have recently obtained the usually paid-for photo editing app Afterlight ($0.99) for free. (That's right  completely free!!!) I recently stumbled upon this post on my Instagram feed (although I don't remember which account) instructing people how to get paid apps for free, and it definitely caught my attention. I decided to try it, and lo and behold!  it actually worked.

Don't get me wrong I was completely aware that this wasn't the best of means. I'm not very proud of this choice, and I probably won't do it again since Afterlight was the only paid app I was clambering for, but I have no qualms about sharing this to my dear readers. 


1. Go on your mobile browser and type http://iphone.kuaiyong.com/.  (Yes, it's all in Chinese)

2. As you scroll down, a banner with the Iphone/Ipad icon will appear at the top. Click the green button.

3. A confirmation will be needed. Click the "OK" to proceed.

4. Kuaiyong will instantly be installed on your device. After it finishes installing, open the app and you will see this:

5. As expected, everything is in Chinese. In the little search box right beside the logo, type the name of the app you are looking for.

NOTE: Not ALL apps will be available in the Kuaiyong store and not everything will load properly. It is free from viruses, though, and offers a jailbreak-free way to get certain apps for free.

6. Click the app, verify that it is the app you are looking for, and click the little download button beside it (indicated by an arrow pointing down).

7. Your download will immediately start. You can track its progress in the "Downloads" tab as shown below (kinda like torrent!):

I used a different app (Afterlight knock-off) as an example here since I already have Afterlight.
8. The download may take from a few minutes to an hour, although I don't know why this is so. (I downloaded Afterlight in two minutes, but once I experimented by downloading Heads Up! and it took me almost an hour.) Once it has completed downloading, it will be transferred to another tab. Click it and it will ask for your permission to install it on your device. Click "OK" and it will install just like you got it from the app store!

9. Open your new app and enjoy!

A Few Facts/Reminders:

- This app is legal in China.

- Jailbreaking is legal in the United States.
- Since your app did not come from the official app store, there will be no updates for your app. However, I read online that you can just download the entire app from Kuaiyong again whenever a new update comes along.

What apps have you downloaded? Tell me by writing a comment below!
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  1. I might actually use this to buy games even if I don't play much! Thank you for sharing!

  2. whenever i click the ok button to confirm the installation, it never actually installs :/ help? I have a iPhone 5c!

  3. hi, i cant download this. can u help me?

  4. Ill have your iphone its broken

  5. I can't use it. It always shows me "Apple ID password"
    But when I did enter them, it always closes.

  6. Thanks for this! :) I'll try this for sure!

  7. The app won't download after I clicked ''OK'' ..